Priority of Roadworks Priority of Roadworks

Council committed to building and maintaining a strong road network

As part of Council’s regular maintenance, road inspections are scheduled continuously throughout the region.

The Gladstone Region incorporates 390km of asphalt streets and roads, 560km of bitumen seal roads and a total of 1448km of gravel roads.

Council has direct responsibility for the maintenance of its road network however the Department of Main Roads is responsible for a number of roads that pass through the region.

Some major road works occurring in the region are specified as Main Roads projects; of which Council has no involvement.

In other instances, Council constructs roads on behalf of the Main Roads department.

Council’s prime objective is to provide services at a standard acceptable to the community in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Council’s asphalt network continues to grow each year and, as well as the bitumen sealed network, should be overlayed a minimum of every 20 years.

This ensures the existing road network remains adequately sealed to protect the asset as the region grows.

Capital funding is allocated each year to try and meet the asphalt overlay and bitumen reseal requirements.

Road reconstruction and upgrades are required at times due to the road reaching its designed life. Roads are assessed on condition and predicted traffic increases and then prioritised for future Capital Works programs.