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On 6 October 2015, Gladstone Regional Council adopted the Gladstone Regional Planning Scheme which commenced on 12 October 2015. The Regional Planning Scheme replaces the previous Planning Schemes for Gladstone City, Calliope Shire and Miriam Vale Shires providing a consolidated planning document for all planning and development across the region.

However, within the Gladstone Regional Council area, development may also be managed by the Gladstone Ports Corporation and/or the Coordinator-General. This is due to the Gladstone Ports Corporation managing land use on Strategic Port Land and the Coordinator-General managing land use within the State Development Area.

In addition, Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) have the ability to declare Priority Development Areas (PDAs). Currently two development areas existing within the Gladstone Region including:

  • Hillclose Estate, Clinton; and
  • Tannum Blue, Tannum Sands

Gladstone Regional Council Planning Scheme

Gladstone Regional Council

Superseded Planning Schemes

Gladstone Ports Corporation

Gladstone Ports Corporation Land Use Plan

Development Scheme

Note: Coordinator-General forms part of the Department of Employment Economic Development & Innovation.

Development Scheme

Note: Economic Development Queensland forms part of the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government, and Planning.