Operational Works Operational Works

Operational work is a term defined by the Planning Act 2016. It refers to work, other than building work or plumbing or drainage work, that affects a premises or the use of a premises. The range of these works may include excavating or filling, clearing vegetation, road works and infrastructure.


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Properly Made Application

All Operational Works applications must meet the requirements of the Planning Act 2016  for your application to be considered properly made. If your application does not meet the criteria, Council will not commence assessment.

The following must be submitted to Council in order for your application to be considered Properly Made:

Further information can be obtained on the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning website.

Construction Phase

During the construction phase of a development (ie. post approval), changes to design may be required.  To formalise these changes, the following form must be completed and submitted to Council for approval of the change.

Change Management

Operational Works - Construction Phase Change Request Form (Note:  No lodgement fee required).