Nature strips and road verges Nature strips and road verges

A nature strip (or road verge) is the strip of land between a property boundary and the adjacent roadway – it is aesthetic, reduces stormwater run-off and adds a touch of greenery.

Gladstone Regional Council does not mow grassed footpaths and nature strips in front of private, commercial or industrial property, on the basis that owners and residents with civic pride undertake this activity as a contribution to the amenity of the region. We do, however, have a maintenance program.

Our maintenance program covers

  • Tripping hazards/damage - we will investigate and take appropriate action when these hazard issues are reported.
  • Trimming/removal - we maintain and remove trees on nature strips.

We do not

  • Provide grass seed or loam for nature strips.
  • Permit planting out of nature strips.
  • Repair damage to nature strips caused by private contractors or utility companies.
  • We do not provide the authority for residents to plant their own trees in nature strips.

Genuine Hardship
Gladstone Regional Council is committed to mowing nature strips/road verges in front of residential properties where the residents/owners claim genuine hardship based on:

  • Medical evidence.
  • Financial constraints.

All applications for the provision of nature strip/road verge mowing services are to be made in writing. Applications will be considered based on the following:

  1. Provision of a medical certificate from a registered physician which states they are unable to mow their nature strip area due to medical reasons, and
  2. A Statutory Declaration stating that the applicant does not have the financial capacity to employ a contractor to perform the service or documentary support of their pensioner status, or
  3. Advice that the topographical nature of their footpath prevents applicants from mowing (while rare, there are some known cases where footpath profiles are practically impossible to mow).

As part of the assessment process for an application to Council to maintain the road verge fronting a property, the relevant Divisional Manager will be consulted for input.

The nature strip/road verge mowing service is reviewed periodically to ensure residents remain eligible for this service and to maintain the accuracy of Gladstone’s mowing service records. We will require applications, including the medical certificate, to be updated and resubmitted during such reviews. This is not required if the original certificate confirmed a permanent disability. Applicants will be allowed a two (2) month period to resubmit applications prior to any termination of services.

For further information, please call us during business hours on 07 4970 0700.

Accidental damage to property by Council mowing
Unforeseen accidents, where a stone or hard object is thrown up from a mower or a whipper-snipper, can happen unexpectedly.

If your property has been accidentally damaged by a Council mowing asset, please forward the information about the incident by email to or by post to Gladstone Regional Council, PO Box 29, Gladstone Qld 4680.

Make sure you provide as much detail as possible, including:

  1. Your (the claimant) full name and contact details
  2. Time, date and location of incident
  3. A description of what happened, including details of the damage caused to property.

Council will investigate the claim once the above, written submission is received.