Local Heritage Register Local Heritage Register

On July 16, 2013, Council adopted the Local Heritage Register which came into effect on the same day as a statutory document used for the purpose of Development Assessment. The purpose of the Local Heritage Register is to ensure that the region's places of local heritage significance are protected from inappropriate development and demolition.

The register comprises 69 place cards (being 26 existing State significant heritage places and 43 new locally significant heritage places). Each place card provides a description of the heritage place, identifies its heritage significance and location, and provides a photo of the place.

A hardcopy of the register is now available for viewing at Council's libraries and administration centres. Additionally, an electronic copy is viewable below.

Local Heritage Register background information
Local Heritage Register Annual Review

Place cards Place cards

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Local Heritage and Development Assessments Local Heritage and Development Assessments

Under the Gladstone Regional Planning Scheme 2015, the register is used for triggering Assessable Development under the Heritage Overlay. As per the Table of Assessment a Development Application is triggered for the following:

  1. Material Change of Use of Premises involving Building Work on a local heritage place;
  2. Building Work where involving the demolition, partial demolition or removal of a local heritage place;
  3. Any Building Work (including minor building work) where not associated with a material change of use.
  4. Operational work where involving a change to landscaping, fencing or natural features of land referred to in the citation for a heritage place.

If Building works are proposed that will not have a detrimental impact, or will only have a minimal detrimental impact, on the cultural heritage significance of the place, then a request for an Exemption Certificate may be applied for. Request for Self-Assssment Heritage Exemption Certificate - Form

For further information about development of a local heritage place, please contact Council on (07) 4970 0700 or email info@gladstone.qld.gov.au.