Livestock Livestock

Livestock are considered animals raised in an agricultural setting and can include horses, cows, goats, bulls and sheep etc. 

By law, all animal livestock must be securely enclosed on your property. 

An enclosure is defined as the area of land on which the livestock is kept and is appropriately sized to effectively and comfortably house the livestock. Livestock is to be kept more than 10 metres away from neighbouring premises and commercial food manufacturing, preparation or storage for human consumption.

By law, livestock owners have a duty to provide proper enclosures and prevent animals from wandering or escaping. Livestock that stray from your property may be impounded by Gladstone Regional Council and only released after payment of set fees. 

Download a copy of Council's livestock fees and charges.

Straying Straying

What can I do if my livestock is straying?
Livestock may stray for various reasons including an urge to roam, searching for food and water, and/or seeking company. If your livestock does escape from its enclosure, all measures should be made to prevent this from happening again.

Several precautions can be made to prevent your livestock from escaping to an unfenced area including regular checks of fencing and repairs if necessary. Having an adequate size fence and enclosure, protects your livestock and the neighbourhood.

As a responsible owner please ensure that your enclosure is suitably fenced:
• High enough that the livestock cannot jump over;
• Low enough that the livestock cannot crawl under;
• Strong enough that the livestock cannot push through it;
• Gates that are self-latching or kept closed and latched.

What should I do if I find straying livestock?
Straying livestock can be restrained by any member of the public for collection by an authorised officer. After restraining the animal, check for any form of identification, if possible, before reporting it to Council.

Please do not approach the animal if it shows signs of aggression.

What happens if my livestock is caught straying?
If your livestock is caught straying and is impounded, Council will take all reasonable steps to contact you. If you notice your livestock is missing, refer to Council’s Rescued Animal Page.

Photographs and information about all impounded animals are uploaded on to Council’s website for public viewing. You may also like to upload your details and a picture of your livestock on to the Lost and Found Register if they are missing. If you think your livestock is impounded phone to arrange release.

Fees must be paid for the release of all impounded animals. If the animal is unregistered, it will be branded and/or earmarked prior to release. Livestock that isn’t claimed from the Council pound will be auctioned to the public. If the auction is unsuccessful the animal may be euthanised. For further information phone Council on 07 4970 0700.

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