Immunisation Immunisation

School Immunisation Program (SIP)

Council offers a free school immunisation program throughout the region.  Vaccines provided are in accordance with the National Health and Medical Research Council's - National Immunisation Program Schedule (NIPS).

Gladstone Regional Council is providing the following free vaccinations to eligible students as part of Queensland Health's annual School Immunisation Program (SIP):

  • Year 7 Students - Human Papillomavirus (HPV) - 2 doses given 6 months apart

                                  - Boostrix (dTpa - Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis) - 1 dose 

  • Year 10 Students - Meningococcal ACWY - 1 dose 

The consent form contains all relevant information regarding the vaccine, disease, eligibility, privacy, missed vaccinations, reactions etc.  The consent form packages will be delivered to all high schools for distribution to students in February.  The consent form should be completed and returned to the school even if no vaccination is requested - only students who have completed and signed a YES consent form will be vaccinated.  All students vaccinated will receive a record to take home after their vaccination.  

A copy of the information pack, including the consent form, can be found here.

School based vaccination clinics are carried out at each high school with the clinics generally held in March/April and October/November.  If a student misses the scheduled clinic at school, catch-up vaccination is provided at either a catch up school clinic, Council based clinic or doctor's surgery.

As part of the school immunisation program, Council will record vaccination details and they will be entered into Queensland Health's vaccination database.  Queensland Health is committed to safeguarding the privacy of client information in accordance with the National Privacy Principles.  For further information on privacy laws, visit Queensland Health's website.

Community Influenza Vaccination

Council also provides free influenza and pneumococcal vaccinations to "at risk" residents.  This includes residents who are 65 years of age and older, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders who are 15 years of age and older, pregnant women and those with medical risk factors.  Clinics are usually held in May each year, prior to the commencement of the flu season. 

For further information regarding the community influenza and pneumococcal clinics, please contact Council on (07) 4970 0700.

Childhood Vaccinations

Council no longer offers childhood vaccinations services for babies and infants.  To obtain your child's vaccination/immunisation history please request the information through your family doctor or via Medicare or MyGov app.

Your family doctor or Community Health Services carry out vaccinations for babies and young children up to school age.  For further information on immunisation services provided by Community Health Services please contact:

  • Gladstone Community Health Services - (07) 4976 3130
  • Impact Community Services (Agnes Water) - (07) 4902 1100

Further information relating to immunisation can be obtained from: