Brochures, guidelines, checklists and handouts Brochures, guidelines, checklists and handouts

Please see below a list of Council guidelines, checklists and handouts. If you cannot find the information you are seeking, please check our Fact Sheets page, relevant pages within this site or contact our customer service team by email or phone on 4970 0700.


Responsible Pet Ownership   (Download)
School signage and parking   (Download)
Lilleys Beach   (Download)



Checklist - Food Business (Fixed Premises)   (Download)
Checklist - Water Carrier   (Download)



Guidelines - Food Premises (Structural)   (Download)
Guidelines - Mobile Food Vendors   (Download)
Guidelines - Sale of Food Premises   (Download)
Guidelines - Temporary Food Stalls (Events)   (Download)



Neighbour Handout - Barking Dog   (Download)
Neighbour Handout - Environmental Nuisance   (Download)
Neighbour Handout - Noise Nuisance   (Download)
Neighbour Handout - Overgrown and Unsightly Premises   (Download)
Neighbour Handout - Roaming Cat   (Download)
Neighbour Handout - Roaming Dog   (Download)