Gladstone's Water Supply System Gladstone's Water Supply System

Gladstone's water is supplied by the Gladstone Area Water Board from Awoonga Dam. It is treated at the Board's water treatment plant which is operated by Gladstone Regional Council.

Council owns and operates the water distribution system downstream of the water treatment plant. This includes service reservoirs, pumping stations, water mains and service connections.

Our seven service reservoirs are found on the top of hills around the city. Water is pumped to these reservoirs from the water treatment plant. From the elevated reservoirs water then gravity feeds to customers' taps. The height of the reservoirs removes the need for continuous pumping and provides steady pressure at customers' connections.Water is transported through the water supply pipe network to customers' properties. Water supply pipes are about 60 centimetres beneath the ground. The water used by each customer is metered at their service connection and council bills customers twice annually for their usage.

Customer water meters are an important part of the water supply system. Council staff read the meters every six months to record how much was used by each customer. The information can also be used to investigate water loss in the distribution system and long term consumption patterns.

Residents should read their water meters regularly. This is the best way to monitor consumption to ensure your household is not using water excessively. It may also be the only way to identify underground leaks on your property that may damage buildings and waste large volumes of water.