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Food Business Licensing

Unregulated food handling and storage is a potential risk to the public's health and safety.  With approximately 300 licensed food businesses in the Gladstone Regional Area it is critical that these businesses are regulated and comply with all relevant food legislation.

Food businesses are required by law to be licensed by their relevant local government authority.

  • Food premises are any premises where food is handled - including temporary structures and mobile food vehicles.
  • If you operate a food premises, it must be approved by Council.
  • If you operate from more than one location, you will need to hold a licence for each premises.

Who needs a licence?

The Food Act 2006 defines what a licensable food business is.

You need a licence if you run a food business that:

  • involves the manufacture of food; or
  • involves the retail sale of unpackaged food (e.g. restaurant and takeaway shops) and is not a non-profit organisation; or
  • is carried on by a non-profit organisation and involves the sale of meals on at least 12 days each year.

What activities may be exempt?

  • Charity and non-profit organisations are exempt from requiring a food licence if they only operate less than 12 times a year. These groups still need to comply with the food safety standards;
  • Organisations who sell unpackaged snack food, such as biscuits, cakes, confectionery, nuts and potato chips that are not classed as potentially hazardous food may be exempt from obtaining a licence.
  • The sale of fisheries resources that already have approval under a buyers licence;
  • The sale of whole fruit or vegetables, seeds and nuts;
  • The sale of drinks other than fruit or vegetable juice processed at the place of sale; or
  • The sale of ice, including flavoured ice, such as snow cones.

How to apply for a Temporary Food Stall or Food Licence

To lodge an licence application online visit Councils Online Services click on the 'Licensing' icon and select the relevant licence type. Simply follow the instructions to progress through the lodgement process.  
 NOTE: There are mandatory attachments required as part of the lodgement process.

Click on the icon below to apply online

Alternatively applications can be made;

In Person
 Visit any Council Administration Centre or Rural Transaction Centre.
 Payment is accepted at all centres in the form of:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card (AMEX accepted)
  • Cheque or Money Order

By Mail or Email 
Download a copy of the relevant form and standard conditions off our website - Click here for forms

Please post your cheque, money order payments or include credit card details with your completed application form to: or;

Gladstone Regional Council
 PO BOX 29

The Gladstone Regional Council conduct regular inspections on licensed food premises and provide education to the community. Please contact Council on 4970 0700 with any food licensing enquiries or consult the wide range of educational material available by clicking the links below:

More factsheets are available here

Requirements for Food Businesses

Food Safety Supervisors

Food Safety Programs

I'm ALERT On-line Food Hygiene Training
Click here to go to I'M ALERT

Useful links:

Queensland Health
Food Standards Australia & New Zealand
Safe Food Queensland
Food Safety Information Council
Liquor and Wine Licensing

Queensland Health has recently released an educational campaign called ‘Foodsafe in Seconds’ via the Queensland Health website, YouTube, Facebook and online advertisements.

The main campaign website is

Food safety topics are based on key food safety issues including:

  • egg
  • ​chicken
  • cross contamination
  • thawing and cooking
  • hand washing
  • ​cleaning

Further food safety topics of chilling, shopping and discarding food, are in the final stages of development.

Contact Council for further information:
Phone: (07) 4970 0700
Fax: (07) 4975 8500
Address: PO Box 29, Gladstone DC Qld 4680
In Person: Gladstone Office, 101 Goondoon Street, Gladstone

Information booklets and fact sheets Information booklets and fact sheets

Food Licencing

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ER035 - Food Business Checklist - Fixed Premises.pdf 421.2k
ER038 - Four-hour two-hour guide.pdf 339.2k
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ER041 - Doggy Bags.pdf 177.3k
ER043 - Cooling and Reheating Food.pdf 265.4k
ER045 - Buffet Style Self-Service Food.pdf 473.7k
ER047 - Waste Management.pdf 147.2k
ER048 - Who Requires a Food Licence.pdf 266.8k
ER049 - Cleaning Schedules.pdf 142.9k
ER064 - Setting Up New Food Premises
Updated 10.08.18
ER065 - Alterations to Existing Food Premises.pdf 299.8k
FS0016 - A Guide to Cleaning and Sanitising.pdf 602.6k
FS0035 - Food Poisoning 1,277.3k
FS0046 - Food Safety - A guide to prevent cross contamination 1,253.6k
FS0051 - Temporary Food Stalls - Events.pdf 2,572.6k
FS0059 - Food Safety - A Guide to Transporting Food Safely 739.7k
FS0060 - Food Safety - A Guide to using Thermometers with Potentially Hazardous Foods 2,042.5k
FS0061 - Food Safety - A Guide to Temperature Control 1,796.3k
FS0066 - Water Carrier Operators 774.4k
FS0070 - Food Safety - Pest Management 399.4k
FS0071 - Food Safety - How to cook and serve rice safely 547.3k
QH - Fact Sheet 10 - Personal Hygiene.pdf 238.9k
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QH - Factsheet 20 - Food Safety Programs.pdf 149.0k
QH - Fact Sheet 21 - Prepare Food Rotating Spits.pdf 225.6k
QH - Factsheet 22 - FSP for Catering.pdf 202.7k
QH - Factsheet 23 - FSP for Vulnerable People.pdf 197.9k
QH - Factsheet 24 - Voluntary FSP.pdf 152.9k
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