Fines and Penalties Fines and Penalties

Fines and Penalties

  • Offenders have 28 days to pay or request a review of the infringement notice (Fine).
  • Review of infringement notice can be requested in writing by mail or email to Council and must be received by Council within 28 days of the infringement issue date. An infringement will not be withdrawn if it was lawfully issued and there is no legal basis for it to be withdrawn.
  • Infringement notices (fines) range in cost
  • If the infringement is not paid or an exemption is not sought, a reminder notice will be sent to the owner of the vehicle and additional fees will be incurred.
  • If the fine remains unpaid, the matter will be referred to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry (SPER) and further additional fees will be incurred

Infringement Factsheet (Download)

 Further information about these offences can be found at the Queensland Government Legislation Page (download).

Payment Options

Payment of an infringement must be received by Council by the due date. 

Payment can be made online - click here Note: you will need your ticket number to make payment online.

You can also pay your infringement in person by visiting any Council Rural Transaction Centre or Administration CentrePayment is accepted in the form of:
• Cash
• Credit Card (AMEX accepted)
• Cheque or Money Order (Payment must be received by Council by the due date.)

Alternatlivley you can return the infringement notice with the full amount enclosed to:

Gladstone Regional Council,
PO Box 29 Gladstone, Qld 4680.

Please do not send cash in the post

Installment payment options

Infringements $200 and over may be paid off in instalments with State Penalties Enforcement Register after initial instalment of $60 is made to Council before the due date. To apply to pay in instalments, you must select Option 2 (located on the reverse side of your infringement notice) and pay the first instalment of $60 within 28 days of the infringement issue date.

The State Penalties Enforcement Registry has prepared fact sheets and brochures about their services (SPER) .