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The Gladstone Region is varied and diverse in its economic base, making the region one of the most resilient in Queensland, if not Australia.

The natural attributes of the Gladstone Harbour have driven the development of world-class industries in immediate proximity to Gladstone, but the region offers much more, from a thriving eco-tourism industry centred around the islands of the Southern Great Barrier Reef, the attractive holiday destinations of Agnes Water to the south and rural hinterland to the west, to thriving beef and macadamia nut industries.

While the varied economic base of the region was recognised in the current Economic Development Plan 'Prosperity 2030: Gladstone Region Economic Development Strategy', the current development of three liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants in the Gladstone Harbour, each with two trains being constructed; and the construction of three to four new gas pipelines to the region to supply these LNG plants has significantly changed the economic profile of the region, bringing with it new opportunities and challenges for the region's future.

A new Economic Development Strategy is being developed and will replace the existing plan during the coming year.