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Come together at Ecofest 2019 – CQ’s largest free environmental event, to combat one of the great environmental challenges of our time, minimising household waste.

The theme for this year's Ecofest is 'Slim your bin with a low waste diet’ and coincides with World Environment Day and its 2019 theme “Beat Plastic Pollution”.

Ecofest 2019 invites our community to consider how we can make simple changes in everyday life to reduce the heavy burden of waste on our beautiful natural environment, the Southern Great Barrier Reef, our wildlife – and our own health.

We have become over reliant on single-use or disposable plastic – with severe environmental consequences. Around the world, 1 million plastic drinking bottles are purchased every minute. Every year we use up to 5 trillion disposable plastic bags. In total, 50 per cent of the plastic we use is single use.

This year, we invite you to attend Ecofest 2019 to learn how you can combat plastic pollution and minimise your waste with a low waste diet!

Event details


Sunday, June 2


9am to 3pm




Gladstone Tondoon Botanic Gardens, Glenlyon Road, Gladstone (Site Map)


Don’t wait until Ecofest in June, you can start now using these helpful tips:

  • Take your own shopping bags to the supermarket
  • Take a reusable coffee mug to work
  • Take your own reusable straw
  • Refuse plastic cutlery
  • Pick up any plastic you see the next time you go for a walk on the beach

Start slimming your bin with a low waste diet today!

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