Don't Dump in My Backyard Don't Dump in My Backyard

As part of Council's Illegal Dumping and Litter Prevention Strategy, the 'Don't Dump in My Backyard' campaign aims to raise awareness about waste issues in our region and how to dispose of rubbish responsibly.

The waste wise message was the inspiration for the 'Don't Dump in My Backyard song', produced by Council and brought to life through animation.

Our 'Don't Dump in My Backyard' colouring competition attracted a great response from local children and got them thinking about tips for keeping our region clean and green.

At Ecofest 2015, Council ran a rubbish recycling activity where festival-goers were testing on their rubbish sorting knowledge between the general waste wheelie bin and yellow lid recycle bin. The results were impressive!

In a bid to reduce roadside litter, Council has Car Litter Bags on offer to local residents for free. The reusuable litter bags enable drivers to collect rubbish like food wrappers and drink containers usually left in the car and empty the bag once full.

Council's seedstick bookmarks have also proven to be very popular. The seedstick section tears off for planting leaving the bookmark with our Clean and Green message.

TV Commercial

Watch our 30 second and 2 minute TV Commercials below: