Disaster Management Structure Disaster Management Structure

Queensland’s Disaster Management System is based on internationally recognised concepts and principles.

The system incorporates an “all agencies” approach that involves all levels of government, numerous organisations and agencies as well as the community.
The diagram to the right graphically portrays the basic structure of the disaster management system in Queensland.
A brief explanation of each of the Queensland levels is included below.
Local Disaster Management Group
Council is required under legislation to form a Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG).
This group is comprised of representatives from a number of agencies including Council, Police, Emergency Services, Sate and Commonwealth Government, Industry and the community. Not all are classified as members. Many are classified as advisors and are called upon for expert advice and assistance in planning, response and recovery.
The LDMG has a number of functions as detailed in legislation. Some of the key functions are:
  • to ensure that disaster management and disaster operations in the area are consistent with the State group’s strategic policy framework for disaster management for the State;
  • to help the local government for its area to prepare a local disaster management plan; and
  • to manage disaster operations in the area under policies and procedures decided by the State group.
District Disaster Management Group
The next level in Queensland’s disaster management system is the Disaster District level.
The State has been divided into a number of Disaster Districts and these are based on Police District boundaries.
The Gladstone District Disaster Management Group (DDMG) has both the Gladstone Regional Council and the Banana Shire Council within its boundary.
This Group is chaired by a District Disaster Coordinator (DDC) who is the District Officer of Police and is appointed by the Police Commissioner.
State Disaster Management Group
The level above disaster districts is the State level. A number of groups and committees exist at this level but the State Disaster Management Group (SDMG) is the group responsible for a number of functions including developing the strategic framework for disaster management and ensuring effective disaster management is developed and implemented.
This group is comprised of the chief executives of a number of government departments, one of which acts as the chair of the group. The Police Commissioner appoints an executive officer of the group.
Operational Coordination
Coordination of significant disaster events in Queensland involves the operation of Disaster Coordination Centres.   Such centres are established as required at each level of the disaster management system. It may be possible to coordinate smaller scale operations without the need for such a centre to be established.