Administrative Action Complaint Administrative Action Complaint

Please note: An Administrative Action Complaint is not for the reporting of a problem or issue. Instead visit the Report an Issue page. For urgent and/or hazardous situations where public safety may be at risk please call Council on its 24-hour line 07 4970 0700. If the situation is life threatening please call 000.


Council is dedicated to providing a level of service that does not attract complaints however acknowledges that there will be occasions where customers are unhappy with a decision or outcome.

We acknowledge your right to lodge an Administrative Action Complaint and to have the complaint dealt with fairly, objectively and in a timely manner.

Council's Administrative Action Complaint Management Policy and Corporate Standard and Customer Service Charter are available at Council's public offices and on this website.

An Administrative Action Complaint is a complaint that:

  1. is about an administrative action of a local government, including:
    1. a decision, or failure to make a decision;
    2. an act, or a failure to do an act;
    3. the formulation of a proposal or intention;
    4. the making of a recommendation; and
  2. is made by an affected person.

Complaints may be lodged by the Affected Person or their Agent or anonymously in the following ways:

  • Online using Council's Online Services - Click Here
  • In person at any public Council office or to any Council Employee.
  • By letter addressed to: The Chief Executive Officer, Gladstone Regional Council, PO Box 29, GLADSTONE QLD 4680
  • By email:
  • By downloading the online Administrative Action Complaint Form
  • By telephone: (07) 4970 0700
  • By fax: (07) 4975 8500

If an Administrative Action Complaint is made anonymously there is no avenue for Council to contact the Affected Person, however an investigation will be undertaken provided the information given is adequate.