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Engagement philosophy

Gladstone Regional Council recognises that good community engagement is, essentially, about good customer service and as a result, considerable effort goes into ensuring residents are:

  • Informed of what Council is up to and any issues affecting all or particular groups of residents;
  • Consulted on issues directly affecting individual or all residents; and,
  • Invited to participate in decision-making where practicable.

Council values all feedback and ideas, so please access the range of Council's feedback mechanisms to help us in our drive to continually do things better. See icons above.

Community Engagement Framework

The Community Engagement Policy & Strategy (2014) outlines Gladstone Regional Council's commitment to actively engage the community in Council decision-making activities, particularly when decisions directly impact on how residents live, work, use services and recreation facilities, play and do business.

The Community Engagement Policy & Strategy includes a set of principles, objectives and strategies for engaging the community.

The framework is a working document that allows changes to be made. Council is interested in receiving feedback from the community regarding the practicality, relevance and value of the framework which was adopted in 2014.

The framework is a 'living' document that can be changed according to the changing needs of the community. Residents are invited to view our strategy and provide comment to ensure our strategies remain current and relevant to our community.

View Council's Community Engagement Policy (2014)

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