Commercial Activities on Local Government Controlled Areas & Roads Commercial Activities on Local Government Controlled Areas & Roads

Under Council's Local Laws, the following commercial use of Local Government controlled areas and roads require an approval prior to operating.

  • Commercial Beach Activities
  • Commercial Fitness Activities
  • Mobile Roadside Vending (Hail Only)
  • Stationery Vending
  • Other (Laser Skirmish etc)

The following commercial use of Local Government controlled areas and roads do not require an approval to operate, unless they fall outside the set minimum standards outlined in the Subordinate Local Law no. 1.2 (Commercial Use of Local Government Controlled Areas and Roads) 2016.

  • Busking
  • Display of Goods for Sale on Footpath
  • Footpath Dining

As all commercial uses are included in the approval requirements, if you believe your activity may require an approval but doesn't clearly fit within the above categories, please contact Council on (07) 4970 0700 to seek advice.

Annual Commercial Activities

Annual Commercial activity approvals are renewable with an expiry date of 30 June each year.  Annual fees are pro-rata therefore if you apply for a new approval at a different time throughout the financial year; you will receive a discount on the annual fee based on which quarter of the year the application was made.  Approvals may also be transferred upon sale of the business.

Temporary Commercial Activities 

Temporary Commercial Activity approvals are available for applicaion for short term permits, for a maximum of 3 months from start of approval. If your activity changes you will be required to submit another application. To continue your avtivity you would be required to appy for another application or seek annual approval.

Applying for a New Commercial Activity Approval or Altering an Existing Approval

This section applies to proposed new or alterations to existing approvals. 
Note: Prior to submitting an application to operate a new commercial activity on Council land or alter existing premises, you need to ensure any relevant Planning, Trade Waste, Building and/or Plumbing approvals have been granted.

Step 1: Application Submission

An application for approval is to be made to Council along with the relevant form, fee and plans. The relevant form is to be completed in its entirety including submitting all relevant information required on the form.  Your application will not be accepted or processed without the form being completed, applicable fee paid and all required documentation attached.  Your application may not be approved.

Link to Commercial Activity Forms (Click Here)

Step 2: Application Assessment

Council's Environmental Health Unit will assess the application against the relevant requirements of the Local Law No. 1 (Administration) 2011, Subordinate Local Law No. 1.2 (Commercial Use of Local Government Controlled Areas and Roads) 2011 and any relevant Council Policies.  If additional information is required, an Environmental Health Officer will contact you to discuss further.  A determination on your application will be made to see if your activity is suitable in the area proposed, for which you will be notified in writing and invoiced for the applicable annual licence fee. For Stationery Vending Applications approval is granted by Council Resolution, this process can take up to 8 weeks.

Step 3: Application Approval

Your approval to operate will be sent to you once the relevant annual fee has been received.  Approvals are granted with conditions relevant for the respective activities based on the conditions outlined in Subordinate Local Law No. 1.2 and the activities proposed.

Sale of Business (Transferring an existing approval)
This section applies to businesses that have undergone a sale and have new owners.

Step 1: Applying to Transfer an Approval

To transfer the approval into the new owners name requires for the licensee details for the premises to be amended and confirmation on details of the operation of the activities by the new owners.  The relevant  form and transfer fee are to be submitted to Council. Link to Commercial Activity Forms (Click Here)

Step 2: Issuing the Approval to Operate

Your approval to operate will be sent to you once the transfer application form has been assessed.  Transfer of approvals that propose different activities than those approved under the existing approval will

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