Bin collection days Bin collection days

Your household bin is collected weekly. Your recycle bin is collected fortnightly.

Find out what day your wheelie bins are collected.

Calendars 2018-2019

Alternatively find your street on our bin collection day spreadsheet to find your bin collection day and recycling cycle (week 1 or week 2), then use our recycle collection calendar 2018-19 to determine your next recycling bin collection.


Public holidays collections Public holidays collections

Council's weekly waste and fortnightly recycling collection services for residences and businesses continue to operate on public holidays, including throughout the Easter and Christmas periods, as per your street's usual schedule. 

What to do on collection day What to do on collection day


  • Place your bin out before 6am, or the night before
  • Place your bin facing outwards on the edge of the kerb
  • On recycling collection days, space bins at least one metre apart, preferably on separate sides of your driveway
  • Tie wheelie bin liners closed to prevent rubbish from spilling when collected
  • Return bins to your property after collection has occurred


  • Place bins under low trees or near letterboxes, sign posts, power poles, fences or vehicles
  • Contaminate your bin with hazardous waste
  • Allow bins to overflow with rubbish (lids must close) or place rubbish on the ground - your rubbish may not be collected
  • Fill bin with heavy materials (60kg weight limit) - it may not be collected

Rural bin collection Rural bin collection

Rural residents should place their waste and recycle bins:

  • away from fence lines
  • in a visible location
  • away from passing traffic

Bin collection eligibility Bin collection eligibility

Waste collection services operate on a user pays model. So collection is only provided for Council-supplied bins (with logo) on properties paying for cleansing services. Some properties, however, may be ineligible for bin collection or sit outside the bin collection service area. To check if your property is eligible for Council rubbish collection services call 4970 0700.