Load limits Load limits

In the interest of public safety, following recommendations of a specialist consultant, temporary load limits will apply to the timber bridges listed below.

Consideration will be given to either remedial options to strengthen the existing bridges or to design and install a new structure.

Hobble Creek Bridge Location: On John Clifford Way, Lowmead
  New load limit (as of July, 2014): 10 tonnes
Speed limit: 40kph
  Alternative route: Drivers of vehicles exceeding the speed limit should seek an alternative route
Fire Creek Bridge Location: Raglan Station Road, Raglan (about 5km from Raglan)
  New load limit: 14.5 tonnes
  Alternative route: Raglan Station Road also links with the Bruce Highway at Raglan and Ambrose (approx 5km or 15km extra travel, depending from which direction on the Bruce Highway vehicles are travelling from)
Worthington Creek Bridge Location: The Danube Road, Rodds Bay (about 11km from Turkey Beach)
  New load limit: 6.3 tonnes

Alternative route: In the event of the need to transport a heavy load along The Danube Road, crossing the bridge can be avoided by using an upstream (southern side) track at low tide