The Clean & Healthy Air for Gladstone Project The Clean & Healthy Air for Gladstone Project

The Clean & Healthy Air for Gladstone Project is being undertaken by the Environmental Protection Agency and Queensland Health to better understand the air quality in the Gladstone region and any potential risks to public health that may arise from air pollution.

As part of the project, the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (DEHP) is undertaking an expanded ambient air monitoring program.  The current monitoring network will be upgraded to six fixed air monitoring stations and a mobile station located across the Gladstone region.  These stations will measure a comprehensive range of pollutants including:

  • nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone; and particles, including ultra-fines;
  • 19 metals including lead, zinc, arsenic and mercury;
  • 53 volatile organic compounds including benzene;
  • carbonyl compounds including formaldehyde; polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; and acidic and caustic aerosols;
  • polychlorinated biphenals, dioxins, furans, fluorides, cyanides.

Queensland Health will study the health of people in the Gladstone region with a particular focus on health effects that can be associated with air pollution.  This will involve extraction of data from existing health datasets and a community health survey.

The second part of the health work will include a full human health risk assessment.  Queensland Health will use data collected by the enhanced air monitoring program to estimate how much of each substance is in the air that people breathe.  A full twelve months of air monitoring data will be used to identify associated health risks for residents living in the Gladstone and surrounding areas.

The Clean and Healthy Air for Gladstone project is being undertaken in a rigorous and transparent way so that the findings and outcomes can be relied upon by the community and government. A Community Reference Group and Industry Reference Group have been established to ensure there is effective input and communication throughout the project.  Members of the Community and Industry Reference Group members are listed below:

Community Reference Group Industry Reference Group
Charlie Sotiris Barry Golding - Gladstone Coal Exporters Executive (GCEE)
David Kopelke Christine Lohman - Professional Public Relations Proprietary Limited
(representing Central Queensland Ports Authority)
Ian Woodhouse Dennis Reid - Santos Limited
John Adie Doug Grimmond - Rio Tinto Aluminium Yarwun
Margaret Black Glen Schumacher - NRG Gladstone Operating Services Pty. Ltd.
Neville Gersch Janet Jackson - Cement Australia Pty Ltd
Paul Tooker Azra Alagic - Queensland Rail
Cr Craig Butler Matt Scholl - Pacific Air and Environment (representing Rio Tinto)
Cr Col Chapman (Chair) Mitchell Innes - Rio Tinto Aluminium, Boyne Smelters Limited
  Peter O'Sullivan (Chair) - Central Queensland Ports Authority
  Rory Gordon - Rio Tinto Coal Australia
  Ross Greenhalgh - Queensland Alumina Limited


Cr Gail Sellers and Cr Lyn Paton are also involved with the project, representing the Gladstone Regional Council on the project Steering Committee.

Reports, announcements and other information on the Project can be accessed through the project website at Clean & Healthy Air for Gladstone Project .


For further information please contact the Project Team
Ph: 07 4971 6530

Post: PO Box 5065, Gladstone Qld 4680