About Gladstone Regional Council About Gladstone Regional Council

The new Council was formed on the 15th March 2008 and includes the former:-

  • Calliope Shire Council
  • Gladstone City Council
  • Miriam Vale Shire Council
  • Gladstone Calliope Aerodrome Board

Local Government's role as the third tier of government in Australia is defined in State Government legislation - being the Local Government Act 1993.

Council comprises of a Mayor and eight Councillors, elected on an undivided basis every four years.

To find out more about the role of local government in Queensland, please visit http://www.dlgrma.qld.gov.au/so-you-want-to-be-a-councillor/

> Demographic Profile

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> Organisational Charter
Council's organisational charter defines who we are and what we do.

> Logo Information

The Gladstone Regional Councl sail shape logo is distinctive of a region that borders the ocean. The sailing and boating industry in Gladstone is key to the regions prior success and future   prosperity. The main three elements in the sail device symbols the bringing together of the three existing Councils into one cohesive unit.

The sail element is positioned to create the impression of forward movement, symbolising that the new regional council will be progressive and will take its region forward. A ‘G' device is seen reversed out of the sail shape consolidating the design.

The logo has used colour to represent features of the region.

The green represents the bush and environment.  It represents the importance of our rural industries and the focus that Gladstone Regional Council has on the environment.

The blue represents the sea, harbour, islands and the waves on the many prominent beaches in the region such as Agnes Water and Tannum Sands.

The golden yellow located immediately under the blue represents the sand of our beaches, the prosperity of the region, the gold mining history of Calliope and Many Peaks, the vibrant sun and associated leisure activities of our emerging tourist economy.

The silver grey represents the metals of industry [such as the aluminium industry which is prominent to our area] which forms an integral part of the economy and the lives of our residents.