PD Online and Development Application Tracking PD Online and Development Application Tracking


What is Development Application Tracking?

Development application tracking provides Council's customers with the ability to view and print information and track the progress of development applications online.

Who can access it?

Residents, community groups, businesses, developers and professional planning consultants who have access to internet and an interest in obtaining information about Gladstone Regional Council properties and development applications can access PD Online, Council's Development Application Tracking service.

What information can I obtain online?

  • Basic property information for any property within Gladstone Regional Council's jurisdiction, including:
    • Lot and Real Property numbers;
    • Area of land;
    • Applications (current) associated with a specific property.
  • Development application details and status for all Integrated Planning Act and Sustainable Planning Act 2009 development applications lodged since July 1, 2009, including:
    • General details – description and date lodged;
    • Status of application;
    • Applicant;
    • Property address;
    • List of events associated with the application and status of these events;
    • Decision.
  •  Related documents, including:
    • Council's Decision and stamped approved plans.
      Referral and Concurrence Agency responses.

How can I access development application tracking?

Click here to access PD Online or for future use, via the link from Council's home page.

How far back will the system hold information for?

Information will be available for all development applications lodged with Council since July 1, 2009. This information respresents the IDAS processes of the development application, it is not a detailed history.

Is there a cost to access this information?

No. This information is provided free of charge to internet users.

Do I need to log into the system or can I remain anonymous?

There is no log in process. All users to the site will remain anonymous to Council.


Can I lodge my development application at this site?

No, registered users can lodge applications, however, through SmarteDA. This allows a completely 'paper free' experience for applicants.


Can I perform my building or town planning search online?

No. The information available online is incomplete and should not be relied upon as a rates, building or town planning search. Customers should continue to perform their rates, building and town planning searches as they currently do.


For further information contact:
Gladstone Regional Council
(07) 4970 0700.