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Experience the natural beauty of the Gladstone Region with a relaxed ride through the numerous parks and reserves scattered throughout the area.
The Region has much to offer with its creek systems and harbour beauty. Council sees the advantages of these attractions, and to improve their accessibility, is planning a bicycle and pedestrian pathway system to link many of the parks and reserves areas with the schools and suburbs.
This system provides quick and easy access to pathways linked with recreational facilities and shopping centres.
Bicycle riding is one of the most popular forms of recreation. It not only provides an environmentally friendly mode of transport, but is also a source of exercise and relaxation for individuals, friends and families.
> Exploring the Region - Walk and Bikeways maps  (Click required image to download a map copy)

Gladstone North

Suburbs: Central, City Centre, Barney Point



Gladstone South

Suburbs: Clinton, New Auckland, Kin Kora, Sun Valley, Emmadale, Glen Eden



Benaraby, Calliope




Boyne Island, Tannum Sands



Agnes Water, 1770, Miriam Vale

 > Bike Safety Hints
  • Helmets must be worn when riding a bicycle.
  • Obey all road rules.
  • Keep at least one hand on the handle bars at all times.
  • No doubling.
  • Always give hand signals before you make any turn or stop.
  • Secure any luggage being carried on a bike.
  • Every bike must be fitted with:
    • good brakes
    • a head light for night riding
    • a red reflector and tail light
    • a bell
Even a young child being carried on a baby seat on the bicycle must wear a helmet. Additional information regarding cyclists and road safety can be found on the Queensland Transport Department website.