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Council asks community to help temporarily reduce water demand

Gladstone Regional Council asks that residents whose homes are connected to the Gladstone reticulation network conserve their water usage from tomorrow (Nov 11) until next Tuesday evening (Nov 14).

A temporary reduction in water supply to the network will be in effect for eight hours from 8am next Tuesday (Nov 14) as the result of the Gladstone Area Water Board’s need to shut down access for an expected eight hours to enable it to conduct necessary maintenance to its network.

In order to help cope with the reduced water supply Council is asking residents to avoid using water outdoors, including the use of hoses, from tomorrow until the expected restoration of supply at 4pm on Tuesday.

The Gladstone reticulation network, also referred to as the Lake Awoonga Scheme, services residents in Gladstone, Boyne Island, Tannum Sands, Benaraby, Wurdong Heights, Beecher, Burua and Calliope.

The restrictions do not apply to residents whose water service is supplied via the Mount Larcom, Bororen, Miriam Vale or Agnes Water/Seventeen Seventy schemes.

Gladstone Region Mayor Matt Burnett said GAWB needed to isolate inflow to the South Gladstone, Round Hill, Ferris Street and Radar Hill reservoirs in order to complete the maintenance work.

He added that the network’s existing supply was enough to meet requirements provided residents were conservative with their water usage.

“Council is confident that its reservoirs hold enough water to get through the eight-hour period but there is always a chance that GAWB’s maintenance and upgrade work could take longer than expected and we would like to err on the side of caution,” Councillor Burnett said.

“Council requested that the GAWB shutdown take place during a quieter period of the week and they were happy to grant that request, meaning residents can hose their gardens from Tuesday night on.

“Fortunately, the region has experienced steady rain falls in recent weeks so gardens should survive a few days without watering and cleaning the car can always wait until another weekend.”

Council thanks the Gladstone Region community or its assistance with this request.

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