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Bushfire Warning - Round Hill

UPDATE 2:40pm Mon 26 Nov:   Residents affected by Round Hill bushfire are reminded to seek information via

Miriam Vale Showgrounds (located off the Bruce Highway) is now open for residents in the Deepwater and Baffle Creek impacted areas who are self-contained travellers.

Prior to arrival, please ensure you register with the Miriam Vale Community Centre.

Amenities available on site: A shower block is located on site with two showers for females and two showers for males, as well as a toilet block with four toilets for females and two toilets for males (with urinals).

There is also a cartridge disposal unit close to the Showgrounds.

Pets are welcome, additionally there are designated yards for horses and livestock, however, owners must be in control of them.

Contract cleaners have been engaged to undertake daily cleaning until further notice.

PREPARE TO LEAVE: Round Hill bushfire as at 2.40pm Mon 26 Nov

Bushfire warning level: WATCH AND ACT

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) advises there is a bushfire in Round Hill and conditions could get worse.

You need to be ready to follow your bushfire survival plan. If you do not have a plan, or intend to leave, you should be ready to leave the area because the situation could get worse quickly.

Currently as at 2.40pm Monday 26 November, a large fire is travelling from the Deepwater National Park in a north-easterly direction towards Bousgas Drive and Anderson Way. The fire is likely to impact this area.

Fire crews are working with aerial support to contain the fire but firefighters may not be able to protect every property. You should not expect a firefighter at your door.

Residents choosing to leave the area should do so by travelling north on Bousgas Drive and Anderson Way.

People in the area will be affected by smoke, which will reduce visibility and air quality.

Call Triple Zero (000) immediately if you believe your property is under threat.

• Listen to your local radio station or visit the Rural Fire Service (RFS) website for regular updates.
• If you have a bushfire survival plan, finalise it now so you are ready to follow it.
• If you do not have a bushfire survival plan, or if your plan is to leave, identify where you will go if you leave the area.
• Advise family and friends of your plan.
• Close windows and doors to minimise smoke exposure.
• If you suffer from a respiratory condition, keep your medication close by.
• Drive with caution in low visibility conditions.
• Contact your neighbours to see if they need help preparing for the bushfire.
• Pack important documents and essential items (e.g., passports, birth certificates, prescription medication, food and water, and protective clothing) in case you need to leave the area.
• Put on protective clothing (e.g., a long-sleeved cotton shirt, boots with thick soles).
• Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
• Bring pets inside; restrain them with a leash, a cage, or inside a secure room; and provide them with plenty of water.
• Take action to protect your livestock.
• Move flammable materials such as doormats, wheelie bins, and outdoor furniture away from your house.
• Fill containers such as your bath, sinks, and buckets with water so you have access to drinking water and firefighting water.
• Close windows and doors, sealing the gaps under doors and screens with wet towels to keep smoke out of the house.

• Following QFES on Facebook (@QldFireandRescueService) and Twitter (@QldFES)
• Staying tuned to your local radio station. Find your local ABC radio station at and your local commercial radio station at;
• Visiting the Rural Fire Service (RFS) website at

• For bushfire preparation tips, visit the RFS website:
• For information about road closures, call 13 19 40 or visit
The next update will be provided by 4.40pm or if the situation changes.

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