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Blue-Green Algae warning for Colyer Park, Boyne Island

Gladstone Regional Council has identified that a blue-green algae (BGA) bloom is currently occurring in the pond at Colyer Park, Boyne Island.

Council advises the community to avoid any direct contact with the blue-green algae affected water.

Direct contact with blue-green algae can cause allergic reactions such as:
- Skin rashes or itchiness
- Sore eyes, ears and nose
And if swallowed:
- Gastroenteritis
- Nausea
- Vomiting

Ingesting BGA toxins can lead to serious illness.

People who come into contact with contaminated water should:
- Wash immediately in fresh water

If you experience any health-related issues after contact with BGA affected water, please seek medical advice immediately.

Pet owners should prevent pets from drinking or having any direct contact with BGA contaminated water.

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