Green waste Green waste

Green waste should NOT be disposed of in household wheelie bins.

Disposal by ute or car trailer load (no greater than single axle and single wheel) is free at all transfer stations and the Benaraby landfill.

Green waste must not contain any foreign matter, including building materials or general waste.

If you have your recycling, general waste and green waste separated in your vehicle, this will save you time and money.

Remember cover your load. On the spot fines can apply.


Free mulch Free mulch

Green waste deposited at waste facilities is converted into mulch which is available for free for residents (if self-loaded).

When available, mulch can be collected from the Gladstone Transfer Station, Agnes Water Transfer Station and Benaraby Landfill.

As at 04/12/2018 mulch availability is:

Gladstone Transfer Station - Mulch available.  All loads must be completely covered and vehicles and trailers are not to be overloaded. A 'no tarp, no load' policy will apply.

Agnes Water Transfer Station - Mulch not available. 

Benaraby Landfill - Mulch not available. 

Council will update this page and inform the public in relation to the status of all sites where possible.