Garage Sale Trail 2017 Garage Sale Trail 2017


The  Garage Sale Trail is over for 2017 having occurred on Saturday, October 21 and Sunday, October 22. 

If you're looking to grab a bargain, discover a hidden treasure, decrease the clutter or just get to know your neighbours then start preparing to get involved in 2018. 

The Garage Sale Trail is a not-for-profit mission aiming to create positive social and environmental change by organising communities around Australia to host garage sales on the same weekend to promote the importance to reuse resources, reduce waste to landfill, enable new social connections, provide a platform for fundraising, inspire creativity and stimulate local economies.

Gladstone Regional Council has supported the Garage Sale Trail in past years and encourages residents, school, community groups, charities, businesses, industries and organisations to prepare to jump on board in 2017 and register for free.

The Garage Sale Trail offers residents the perfect opportunity to sell their unwanted goods, make some cash and make neighbourly connections. 












How to get involved

Find out more at or find out more by phoning Council's Strategic Community Inclusion Officer Luis Arroyo on 4976 6300.

Give your sale a name and upload photos of items that you would like to sell. That puts your sale on the website for all to see.

You can host a sale yourself or get together with businesses or neighbours to maximise impact and profit.