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Food Safety Supervisors (FSS) Food Safety Supervisors (FSS)

All licensed food businesses are required to nominate a Food Safety Supervisor (FSS), whose role is to ensure food hygiene and safety standards are achieved and maintained within the food business.  To be nominated as a FSS, a person must:

  • Hold a Statement of Attainment of specified competencies, issued by a Registered Training Organisation. 
  • Have the ability to supervise food handling in the food premises.
  • Have the authority of supervise food handlers.
  • Have skills and knowledge relating to food safety and identification of food safety hazards.

The minimum competency standards for a FSS are listed in Table 1 of the Food Safety Supervisor Fact Sheet 18 and are dependent on the type of business the FSS is working within as detailed in Table 2.  The minimum competencies apply regardless of whether the business has a food safety program. See the Food Safety Supervisor Fact Sheet  for full details of the competencies required.

New food businesses have 30 days from the issue of their Food Business Licence to nominate to Council their food safety supervisor with a copy of the appropriate qualifications.  The nominated Food Safety Supervisor must be reasonably available to be contacted at all times by Council or by persons working in the food business.  A food business may have more than one Food Safety Supervisor.