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Food Safety Programs Food Safety Programs

It is a requirement of the Food Act 2006 for some food businesses to have a food safety program.

Where required, Food Safety Programs must be submitted to the Gladstone Regional Council - Environmental Health Section for accreditation, accompanied by a completed application form for Accreditation of a Food Safety Program (45 KB PDF)

Who needs a Food Safety Program?

Your licensed food business is required to have an accredited food safety program only if:

  • The food business involves off-site catering; or
  • The primary activity of the food business is on-site catering at the premises stated in the licence; or
  • The primary activity of the food business is on-site catering at part of the premises stated in the licence (e.g. a function room used for on-site catering on the premises of a large hotel) catering to 200 or more people on 12 or more times per year; or
  • The food business is carried on as part of the operations of a private hospital under the Private Health Facilities Act 1999; or
  • The food business processes or serves potentially hazardous food for vulnerable populations including hospital patients, aged care recipients, children in child-care centres and vulnerable people receiving other services such as meals on wheels.

Please note that off-site catering does not include merely delivering food requested by order (i.e. delivering a pizza or sandwiches) or mobile food vans.

What must a Food Safety Program include?

A food safety program is a documented program that ensures food safety through the identification, monitoring and control of food safety hazards in the handling of food in a food business. The food safety program must:

  • Systematically identify the food safety hazards that are reasonably likely to occur in food handling operations of the food business;
  • Identify where, in a food handling operation of the food business, each hazard identified can be controlled and the means of control;
  • Provide for the systematic monitoring of the means of control;
  • Provide for appropriate corrective action to be taken when a hazard identified is not under control;
  • Provide for the regular review of the program to ensure it is appropriate for the food business;
  • Provide for the keeping of appropriate records for the food business, including records about action taken to ensure the business is carried on in compliance with the program; and
  • Contain other information, relating to the control of food safety hazards, prescribed under a regulation.

Templates to assist food businesses are available on the Queensland Health Food Safety website  These templates are available to be downloaded, free of charge and provide sufficient information and resources to assist food businesses to develop a food safety program.