Catchment Working Groups Catchment Working Groups

Gladstone Regional Council has established a number of Catchment Working Groups throughout the region to facilitate discussions on pest management throughout the region. The formation of these groups has been a key strategic action of the recently adopted Biosecurity Plan 2016-2019.

Council envisage these groups will provide an opportunity for communication and resource sharing between neighbouring landholders to tackle pest management issues. Specifically, our aim is to:

  • Facilitate communication and sharing of knowledge on pest management issues between landholders within their catchments;
  • Provide a forum for communication of collective pest management issues to help inform Council's operational activities;
  • Promote information sharing on pest species identification, distribution and best practice management; and
  • Provide an opportunity for resource-sharing between landholders towards achieving strategic control of pest plants & animals.

Council will assist with coordinating catchment meetings and will support their ongoing operation through the administration of meetings and provision of technical advice and support.

The following Catchment Working Groups are currently active within the region:

  • Raglan Catchment Working Group;
  • Mt Larcom & Bracewell Catchment Working Group;
  • Yarwun Catchment Working Group;
  • Calliope Catchment Working Group;
  • Boyne Valley Catchment Working Group - Coordinated by Capricornia Catchments;
  • Turkey Beach & Foreshores Catchment Working Group;
  • Miriam Vale Rural Science & Landcare Society - Not coordinated by Council;
  • Rosedale & Lowmead Catchment Working Group;
  • Wartburg & Rules Beach Catchment Working Group;
  • Agnes Water & Captain Creek Catchment Working Group

Information on upcoming meetings can be found here, on Council's Facebook Page, displayed in Customer Service Centres, Rural Shops, or circulated through other organisations (eg. Agforce, NRM Groups).

For further information, or to register your interest in attending a Catchment Working Group meeting, please contact Council's Regulatory Services Division on (07) 4677 6821 or email