Calliope Water Supply System Calliope Water Supply System

The provision of reticulated water is a direct responsibility of Council with the prime objective being the provision of safe and reliable supplies at an acceptable cost to the community, whilst encouraging a water conservation attitude within the community at large.

Council maintains two different systems; normal pressurized and constant flow.

Constant Flow Water Supply

Constant Flow Water Supply Systems operate at Beecher / Burua and in the Tuckers Road area at Boyne Island.  Because you know how much water you will receive, you will receive the bill for the combination of your fixed charge and your consumption charge.

The following water charges apply for the 2015/2016 year in respect to premises connected to a constant flow water system.


Flow Valve  Amount 
0.4L/min 211kls/annum $   874.13
0.7L/min 368kls/annum $1,134.44
1.0L/min 526kls/annum $1,423.58
1.3L/min 684kls/annum $1,712.72


Constant Flow water supply will be billed annually together with annual rates and 10% discount will be available if payment received within 30 days after rate notice issued and 5% if payment received within 60 days after rate notice issued.