Bushfire Warning Emergency Advice Bushfire Warning Emergency Advice

For all emergency information please use these links:

Recovery Hubs

  • Wartburg Sport and Recreation Grounds, 569 Coast Road, Baffle from 8am-5pm daily
  • Miriam Vale Community Centre between 9am and 5pm daily
  • Mount Larcom RTC between 10am-3pm

For more information on what to bring and what representatives will be at the Recovery Hubs http://www.gladstone.qld.gov.au/recovery

Important Links

  • Places of Refuge information is available here
  • Emergency Hardship Assistance and Support (Recovery Hubs) here
  • Gladstone Region Bushfires - Animal & Evacuee Accommodation Facebook group, which connects people who are offering to house animals, livestock or offer accommodation for those seeking refuge from the bushfires - https://www.facebook.com/groups/263319160973463/
    DO NOT CONTACT COUNCIL DIRECTLY – If you need temporary housing for your animals/livestock please contact the people that post their details on the group.
    For wildlife rescues contact Gladstone Wildlife Carer 0427 106 803 or visit https://gladstonewildlife.org.au/
  • Donations - To help coordinate donations, Council has partnered with GIVIT - Goods For Good Causes via givit.org.au
    Please do not bring donations to local emergency services, places of refuge or into affected areas.
  • Volunteers - at the moment authorities say there is no pressing need yet for assistance, and agencies have the situation in hand. Firefighting crews and emergency services teams are doing an outstanding job and we greatly appreciate their efforts. Please check the Emergency Volunteering Queensland website to register https://emergencyvolunteering.com.au

Stay tuned to your local radio station. Find your local ABC radio station at https://radio.abc.net.au/help/offline and your local commercial radio station at http://www.commercialradio.com.au/find-a-station/queensland

Bushfire Factsheets

Important factsheets from Queensland Health in Bushfire conditions including links to translated factsheets here