Proposed Boyne Tannum Aquatic Recreation Centre Proposed Boyne Tannum Aquatic Recreation Centre

Project Overview

In Council’s 2018/19 budget $250,000 was allocated to undertake a feasibility study/concept design for the development of a Boyne Tannum Aquatic Recreation Centre. Gladstone Regional Council commissioned MacroPlan Dimasi to assess the feasibility of constructing an Aquatic Centre for the Boyne Island and Tannum Sands area.

The study highlighted three top sites, they included 3 Hampton Drive, Coronation Drive and 10 Canoe Point Drive.

Due to the anticipated high construction costs, Council can only proceed with construction if external funds have been secured for the development of the project. Based on current preliminary estimates and a 50% contingency, the proposed facility would require a rate increase of between $55 and $90 per property per year, OR alternatively, a reduction in other services to our ratepayers. Therefore Council will need to explore external funding opportunities to minimise the cost to the community.

There is currently no time frame for this project to commence as it is at feasibility stage only and depends on securing external funding should Council approve the concept.

Boyne Tannum Locality Map
boyne tannum locality


Proposed site locations

Canoe Point Road, Tannum Sands:
10 Canoe Point Road

3 Hampton Drive, Tannum Sands:
3 Hampton Drive

Corronation Drive, Tannum Sands:
Coronation Drive


Project timeline

Timeline for Proposed Boyne Tannum Aquatic Recreation Centre


Community Engagement

Community Engagement on the Feasibility Study, including proposed sites and facility components was undertaken from the 25 February 2019 to 8 March 2019.

Council is now collating all feedback received which will be presented to a General Meeting in May 2019.


Fact sheet for Proposed Boyne Tannum Aquatic Recreation Centre

• Questions and answers Factsheet


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