Gladstone Regional Council Biosecurity 2016-19 Gladstone Regional Council Biosecurity 2016-19

Gladstone Regional Council's biosecurity measures are advancing after Council formally adopted its Biosecurity Plan and Biosecurity Program at a general meeting on August 2, 2016.

Formerly known as the pest management plan, the Gladstone Regional Council Biosecurity Plan 2016-2019 provides a strategic approach to managing invasive plants and animal species throughout the region.

The plan adopts a two-tier management program; a general strategic program and an invasive species strategic program. Council sought public feedback on the plan back in May which produced 11 public submissions. 

The submissions were incorporated into the plan where deemed appropriate by Council's Pest Management Section. Now adopted, Council will begin to implement sections of the plan.

From 8 May 2017 to 27 October 2017, Council will also implement a Biosecurity Program to monitor the presence, absence and levels of extent of Giant Rats Tail Grass, Parthenium, Chinee Apple
and Parkinsonia in accordance with the Biosecurity Act 2014, for the localities of Boyne Valley, Boynedale, Iveragh, Tannum Sands, Gindoran, Colosseum, Bororen, Foreshores, Mount Alma, Raglan, The Narrows, Targinnie, Aldoga, East End, Darts Creek and Wooderson.

It is integral that Council monitor these pests and measure the effectiveness of control methods implemented by landholders.

The program will operate until 27 October 2017 and involve Council conducting property inspections to carry out controlled actions on pests in accordance with the Biosecurity Act 2014.

Download a copy of the plan here.